The Swedish Rug Collection

Swedish Pink

Circa 1969

This rug speaks for itself–beautiful beyond words. We can't be sure if it's one-of-a-kind, but you'll probably never seen another one for sale in your life. It was hand-woven in 1969 (we know because the date is stitched into the bottom). The artist, Marianne von Münchow, was one of Sweden's first female interior designers. There are also two signatures woven into the bottom: VK-1 and MVM (Marianne von Münchow). It may look delicate, but there is nothing fragile about this sturdy, flat-woven 5'7" x 5'9" rug. It’s forgiving and substantial due to the high quality and integrity of the wool, dyes, and weaving technique.

Price $8,500.00


Vibrant colors. Very good original condition. Steam cleaned. No stains or holes.

  • size: 5'7" x 5'9"
  • material: Hand-woven wool
  • origin: Sweden
  • artist: Marianne von Münchow
  • age: 1969
  • signature: VK-1 1969 MvM

Terms of sale

Buyer has 10 days to return their purchase after receiving it.

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