"There are things that are placeless,
but have a place within your life.
They go from person-to-person,
allowing us to give them new meaning
over and over again.
They are the things that inspire us
and we guard with our lives."

What we believe

Everybody should own a few truly great things.

Who we are

Wooly objects are chosen by a group of designers, editors, artists, filmmakers, musicians, and dry humorists united by their impeccable taste and love of beautiful, one-of-a-kind things. Wooly was founded by Rudy Adler, who spent his childhood around curious objects inside of his parents' antique shop.

What we look for in an object


We find objects in their best available condition.


We have high standards for great design.


We don't sell anything that's easy to find.


We find authentic objects with interesting stories.